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recy-CLE is the brand name of a recycled material made from recycled plastic water bottles that will remove them from the waste stream. As this is occurring, we simultaneously embed proprietary organic compounds around the microfibers of the bottles. Our original Biotechnology research has created a product which expands the ability of natural systems to be more efficient at replenishing the soil. Material is sourced from plastic water bottles. As we experiment with this product, we are amazed by its ability to hold water in the soil. Furthermore, when layered just beneath the soil, it prevents weed growth while allowing roots to pass through and bind strongly into the Earth. Currently, all Cuyahoga County waste is shipped out of county. Considering transportation costs alone should make this unfeasible for long-term planning. We are also missing the opportunity to recycle locally, generating value and jobs to those who live here. Our goal is to completely remove all discarded plastic water bottles from the waste-stream of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, and beyond. recy-CLE not only reduces the need for synthetic inputs, but it simultaneously reduces demands for irrigation.

Plastic water bottles have been in the marketplace for a generation and due to a lack of reuse potential, are priced at only 6 cents a ton. Such a minimal return is no inducement to creating a market which might mine these bottles from our environment. The development of recy-CLE to scale, can have a profound effect on reducing the escalating amounts of discarded petroleum based products we insert into our rapidly filling landfills where they reside for ten thousand years. Much American soil has been reduced to inert matter supporting plants. recy-CLE wants to halt that degradation and aid our denuded and traumatized soils to rebuild. It is important to do this without demanding so much water or requiring the input of herbicides and fertilizers. Beyond our own borders, the introduction of recy-CLE could serve desolate parts of the world who have even more major challenges in irrigation. By repurposing one of the biggest wastes of our generation, we have allowed the type of growth that can keep the soil healthy enough to provide everyone with life.

#FeedTheGerm is our second product, a biologically engineered substance which promotes seed germination, shortening the growing period and simultaneously providing an environment for maximum root development and nutient retention.

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