Cleveland is on the world stage and its regional network of sustainable efforts is bound to help America grow again. Cleveland has always been a hub of innovation, and whoever visits feels the welcome emanating from the many good people thinking, dreaming, and working here. During this time, I launched a startup that has combined previous projects and experiences, developed strong proven products, and have a network of forward-thinking Northeast-Ohioans supporting my vision.

recy-CLE is the brand name of a recycled material made from recycled plastic water bottles that will remove them from the waste stream. As this is occurring, we simultaneously embed proprietary organic compounds around the microfibers of the bottles. Our original Biotechnology research has created a product which expands the ability of natural systems to be more efficient at replenishing the soil. Material is sourced from plastic water bottles. As we experiment with this product, we are amazed by its ability to hold water in the soil. Furthermore, when layered just beneath the soil, it prevents weed growth while allowing roots to pass through and bind strongly into the Earth. Currently, all Cuyahoga County waste is shipped out of county. Considering transportation costs alone should make this unfeasible for long-term planning. We are also missing the opportunity to recycle locally, generating value and jobs to those who live here. Our goal is to completely remove all discarded plastic water bottles from the waste-stream of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, and beyond. recy-CLE not only reduces the need for synthetic inputs, but it simultaneously reduces demands for irrigation.

Plastic water bottles have been in the marketplace for a generation and due to a lack of reuse potential, are priced at only 6 cents a ton. Such a minimal return is no inducement to creating a market which might mine these bottles from our environment. The development of recy-CLE to scale, can have a profound effect on reducing the escalating amounts of discarded petroleum based products we insert into our rapidly filling landfills where they reside for ten thousand years. Much American soil has been reduced to inert matter supporting plants. recy-CLE wants to halt that degradation and aid our denuded and traumatized soils to rebuild. It is important to do this without demanding so much water or requiring the input of herbicides and fertilizers. Beyond our own borders, the introduction of recy-CLE could serve desolate parts of the world who have even more major challenges in irrigation. By repurposing one of the biggest wastes of our generation, we have allowed the type of growth that can keep the soil healthy enough to provide everyone with life.

#FeedTheGerm is our second product, a biologically engineered substance which promotes seed germination, shortening the growing period and simultaneously providing an environment for maximum root development and nutient retention.

Soil science and microbiology are entering a peak phase and developing new discoveries every day-great products such as super-efficient composts and other organic nutrient packages. Knowledge about fertilizers is commonplace today. Most people understand how one bag can cover an entire yard to provide the N-P-K required to drive growth and plant health. Unfortunately, because an unkempt lawn is a public humiliation, the best looking ones in aggregate spend billions of dollars in the marketplace and apply often deadly chemicals to an area larger than the square footage of Ohio. Limiting the application of these chemicals would alleviate the stress to our waterways that have been toxified by these nutrients.

recy-CLE controls the flow of nutrients and water into the ground with high efficiency. We are not the first to employ recycled material to promote growth and water retention-they’ve been used in Europe for years to hold water in the soil and a number of the ingredients in #FeedTheGerm have been available experimentally for 50 years, used by customers in Ohio, New York, Colorado, and Florida.

#FeedTheGerm by itself is not unlike many other products that can be used in organic farming, but our research has demonstrated the ability of our proprietary mix to fuse with and bind to the microfibers of recy-CLE-a mix which includes seaweed from the northern shores of Norway as well as humates from a remote mountainside in Utah. Applied alone, it engenders accelerated seed germination and root development. Embedded with the recy-CLE, however, #FeedTheGerm allows for a skeletal structure of the soil to increase root strength, and therefore plant growth and yields. From blades of grass on a lawn to hops and nursery plants, our product has a broad-based, nearly universal potential to save customers money while increasing the range, use, and value of recycled products. With a higher value, we believe a greater number of people will take the time to recy-CLE more.

With LEEDco receiving their grant for wind development and several other initiatives underway in solar and other renewables, it is our belief that recy-CLE  can capitalize on the momentum of this brand and make our returns by keeping our waterways cleaner and lessen the need for the chemical application to our crops that has become more illogical the more we discover the growing danger of these chemicals to our health and gene pool. We will help America grow again and our aggressive marketing campaign will catapualt off the Cleveland brand while incorporating the stylus of “Feel The Bern” to “Feed The Germ.” We believe the focus on television prognostication and prediction is not worth valuable human creative time, and we intend to help and make a difference now, locally and in this present moment.
#FeedTheGERM is in final product development. Please fill out the form below to receive more information.