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The driving force behind this product is to limit the inputs of chemicals into the soil and if so many fertilizers must used, ensure that they do not run off into the waterways, which have become algae bloomed from over nitrification due to a deteriorated soil structure. Soil happens to be the most significant aspect of balancing carbon in the atmosphere, yet is ignored while the world focuses on other alternative energies, that will reduce carbon output, but will not provide the potential of a strong soil to absorb that carbon, transferring it naturally into the plants we grow. But there was a time, just in the last hundred or so years where we industrialized agriculture for an much growth as possible.

Advancements in agriculture, especially fertilizers that yield strong crops were apparent and allowed the saving of billions of lives, yet there’s still hunger and now we’re looking at increasing levels of contaminated waterways, food, and beyond. Compost is a great option and is done well throughout the country, but the idea of topsoil and sod is mining the Earth and the first rule of a strong soil structure is not to be disturbed as much as the tractors and trucks do when they drive them hundreds of miles burning even more petroleum along the way. We’re behaving irrationally, but fortunately there’s options out of this mess. One is mentioned in this little cartoon I paid someone on the Internet to make:

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