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Green roof technology is incorporating recycled plastic water bottles as trays for holding media atop buildings throughout Cleveland. From Hopkins Airport to the Cleveland Institute of Art, these products have been shown to keep buildings cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter due to their insulative properties. Created in Cleveland, recy-CLE is now offering these scalable sustainable products throughout the state of Ohio. To discuss your requirements, please contact sonny@recy-CLE.com to learn more about LEED credits and Energy Star certification possibilities. This locally manufactured product diverts plastic water bottles from the landfill and retain water to lessen the effects of runoff during storms. In doing so, the green roofs absorb heat and can change entire urban climates if adjusted properly. There are options for trays to grow sedum, wildflowers, and herbs, which will be incorporated in the trays and all you have to do is order them. We will do the rest.

1. Species Profiles. Coverage: Depending on the model, the tray media will be pre-seeded at a rate of 90% coverage for established growth. Germination: A newly installed #FeedTheGerm treated green roof will require approximately 1 hour of care per 100 square feet for the first few weeks of the project. This time will be spent primarily keeping the germinating seeds moist by watering two to three times per week. Full saturation is not necessary at this time. If there is an irrigation system, plan on dedicating 15 minutes per 100 square feet for the first month.

2. Bioengineered Media. Composition: A proprietary blend of media, which includes expanded haydite clay aggregates and sand. Less than 20% organics, compost and mulch. The blend is designed for fast draining, high water retention, and low compression. Certification and amendments can be accommodated for specific projects. Weight: Dry delivery is 13.5 pounds per square foot. The field weight is between 14 and 15.5 pounds per square foot. When saturated it weights between 19.75 and 20.5 per square foot. The maximum saturated weight is 42.15 pounds per tray. The maximum vegetated saturated tray weights 46.15 pounds per tray. Water Absorption and Dispersal Rates: the retention rate is 6.88 to 7.1 pounds of water per tray, or 3.44 to 3.55 pounds per square foot. Drainage is at about 14 gallons per minute per linear foot.

3. Tray Design. Composition: 100% recycled bottles is diverted from landfill and is then formed into non-woven, porous PET fiber that is thermoformed into a 12-cell container with a perforated top scrim. This material is post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate. They’re available in bluish white, base white, and other custom variant colors. The highly reflective polymer surface maximizes available light for optimal growth. When dry they weigh .6875 lbs (11 ounces) and when saturated they weigh 2.5 pounds (40 ounces).

Pickup arrangements can be made for large orders and our products ship by mail or courier. They may be conveyed on the work scene by hand, boom, lifts, or even cranes. We will provide the expertise and best practices so that your roof top garden may thrive for years to come and extend the lifetime of your roof while taking advantage of its insulative benefits. Contact us today to set up a consultation by emailing sonny@recy-CLE.com or calling 216-200-5208

Cleveland Institute of Art
Rooftop Installation at the Cleveland Institute of Art (Day 1)

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